The Ultimate Motivation Killer: Your Own Excuses

I find it agonizing to sit through a rant by a person who finds a million reasons why things are difficult and complicated. Yet, the world is full of these creatures. These are the very same people who are always looking for something to be done, something to come, something to change or the right person to come along. They’re also the same people who “know” what’s going to work and what isn’t, somehow, even though they take so few steps themselves. They’re always the ones giving you advice on what you should do and why you won’t succeed at what you think you should do. They usually know a lot, but their ability to act is shadowed by comparison.

That’s why, when a person near me starts to go down to that unhappy, impossible-way-of-thinking place, I politely nod, but tune it out.

It does not do anyone any good to listen to the excuses of another person who chooses only to acknowledge the adversities of life as nothing more than a burden. People who endlessly imagine how things can go wrong, even when that thinking has expired its usefulness, are people who never make amazing things happen. They may make small, solid movements in their lifetime, but huge successes are for those who can see the possibilities of it more clearly than anything else.

What makes most people fail to take action is the belief in their own excuses. That’s because most of the time, there is some logic or sound reason and reality to these excuses, making them easy to see and accept.

The problem with excuses is that there will always be many. There will always be reasons not to do things, not to go places, not to be around certain people or not to be a certain way. If you wait for the day that you don’t have a solid excuse to try something new or to commit to something you want, that day will never come. You will wait until the end of your life, only to look back and realize that those excuses weren’t always good enough.

Making excuses based on your present reality says that you don’t have the power to change much, which is sad. When you make excuses, you give your power away. If you wait for something outside of yourself to create a change in your life before you make any, then you have given this external thing the power to change your life more than you have given yourself. How silly is that?

You will always have excuses, why should you let them determine how you use your creativity?

They say that blessings often come in the through the backdoor, and that opportunities are often disguised as misfortunes. If that’s true, what does that say about our excuses? Perhaps these negative reasons not-to-do things can be flipped into positive opportunities to do things with more vigor, commitment and a determination to succeed.

The truth is, motivation isn’t always about that feeling of being amped, excited, pumped and ready-to-go. Sometimes, it’s the ability to push yourself when you’re tired, spent, frustrated, bored or down on your face. It’s about being mentally engaged in what you’re doing, and sometimes your emotions won’t be, no matter how hard you try. But know that when you push, even when things get hard and you feel like you can’t go on, things will get easier, you will be stronger and your passion will be reignited.

We all reach that point when “can’t” is a lot easier and comfortable to say than “can”. But it doesn’t have to stay that way forever. You don’t have to be powerless in the face of your own excuses, no matter how realistic they may seem to you.

Just like you can see reasons why things cannot be done, you can open your eyes to see how they can be. It’s all a matter of what you’re looking for, for that is truly what you will find. If you look for a way to accomplish the impossible, you will find it. If you look for viable excuses, you will find it. But which one is going to take you down the life path you’re looking to go?

Instead of saying “Why it can’t be done,” start asking, “How can it be done?” See how thinking differently can change how you feel about yourself and the things you can do.

Excuses will always kill your motivation. It’s time to kill the habit of making excuses.