I’ve been keeping a secret.

When I was a kid, everyone told me that I should keep studying English and learn to write books because I had a knack for it. To that, I always said no. As a kid, I thought there were too many other interesting things to try and do, why would I want to sit inside all day and write books?

Then there was also this need to say no to doing whatever adults said you should do. That was another reason why I always said I didn’t want to be a writer.

As the years passed, I secretly wrote nearly-whole books and novels only to forget them on old hard drives and deteriorating paper notebooks. I didn’t want to share my books because I said I didn’t want to be a writer and you know, pride.

I know I was just a kid, but kids have pride too, let me tell you.

To this very day, my sister brings up some of my old work, saying, “I’ve saved some for you! You HAVE to finish them.” But I’ve kept them my unfinished secrets.

I didn’t realize how much it meant then, but I’m so glad you believed in me, Sister.

Life happens, as it does, and I now find myself dependent on writing. I write because it keeps me sane, seriously.

Writing is what you use when you need to talking about something but you just can’t bring yourself to say it out loud, at least, at first.

Writing sometimes gives you the courage to share things you wouldn’t share otherwise. Or it gives you the opportunity to really look at what you’re saying and decide if it really should be shared at all.

As for me, I’ve learned so much from life already and writing about it helps me to really derive value from the lessons learned. It made me realize that some things need to be shared, and so, I’ve decided to share more of my writing with you.

I know, I know, I have a blog. Technically I’ve been sharing my writing with you all along. But my books, they’re a little different from the kind of things I blog regularly. The ebook I’m about to share with you is about relationships, love and abuse.

It’s called: Dear Future Husband – How to love her when she’s been hurt before

The book is told through the voice of a character named Candice LaSalle. She’s been abused for a very large part of her life and is just looking to get over it, heal and feel like a normal person again. This is written to her imaginary future husband, describing how she wants to be loved, should she ever find him.

This book just scratches the surface of the topic of recovery from living in abusive situations, written especially for those dealing with loved ones who have been through abuse.

I wrote it because some of the details of Candice LaSalle’s story were inspired by events in my own real life, as well as the lives of a few other people I know/heard of. I know what it’s like to be in the Candice’s shoes, as I’m sure thousands of other people do, too.

We live in a world where abuse, neglect and brokenness exists everywhere. Some of us will experience the worst of it, and others have at least one close friend or family member who suffers from being in an abusive situation or is recovering from one.

I hope this ebook can shed light and bring healing & understanding to many others out there, when I finally get it out. In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak. Click the link before to read the first chapter.

Read Chapter One of Dear Future Husband for FREE.

I intend to publish this book as an eBook before the end of September 2015 (TBA).

In the meantime, if you are interested writing a review for my book, please email me at rayarouge @ gmail.com. I will be posting reviews on my website.

Limited Time Offer: I will be doing free eBook reviews for writers who are interested. Just email me at the above email with your name, contact info and details about your book, including word-count, topic, general purpose for writing, any deadlines, etc.

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Thanks for reading, stay posted and don’t feel shy to comment! If you like the book, tell me about it.