Get disciplined.

People are always telling me how I seem to be so motivated and driven.

I often hear, “Wow! You’re really motivated.” from close friends as well as those who aren’t so close. It almost seems as if they think I’m amped up on high feelings and energy for what I’m doing. The joke is, most of the time I’m not. Most days, I would like to sleep a few more hours, sit on my butt a bit longer and avoid as many tasks as possible. But I have goals and plans, and I keep them where I can see them. I have reasons for these goals and I remember them everyday. No matter how I feel, I don’t let it affect what I have to do. Emotions like happiness, sadness, boredom, dispassion, excitement, anger, etc. are all feelings that change with time. I know that, and I don’t let temporary things distort my perception of my long term vision. I will persist until I succeed. That’s the bottom line. It’s all about the discipline of the journey. I do what I have to do every day, no matter how I feel. I get it done. There is no secret to being motivated. It’s just discipline.

wisdom - JR