Life & Bio


Canadian talent, Raya Rouge, is making her way onto the scene of art and literature as a refreshing mix of extreme intelligence and beauty. She is a writer, speaker, artist, creator and performer who has authored her own book, written over 100 songs and speaks to the growing community of young adults and professionals about having substance and being successful in a world full of smoke and mirrors.

Born in Sudbury, Ontario, to parents from Trinidad & Tobago, Raya Rouge was raised in Toronto for most of her childhood and teenage years. Growing up in a home with an abusive mother, Raya learned to write at the age of 3 and began writing songs at the age of 6 to communicate feelings she was unable to express in speech. From that point in her life, writing became a crucial tool for Raya in coping with the traumas of her life and as a result, she says, it has become a part of her blood.

As a little girl, Raya became extremely interested in performing her written works, both in talking and singing for her audiences. She often found herself in front of cameras and enjoyed being on stage. She participated in many community events, dances and shows in local school and churches from the ages of 7-17.

At the age of 18, Raya Rouge decided to take writing and performing more seriously as a career and began to take the steps to develop her craft and talents professionally. It was during this time she found herself struggling to have her own, unique voice heard as she worked with others over the years. Raya learned the struggle of building her confidence and fighting for her own right to be happy, first hand, as she faced down her demons and learned to love herself.

In 2012, Raya Rouge co-founded the record label, Jedi Temple Music Group with her partner, 2Smooth, where they worked together to release his debut album as a rap artist.

In 2013, Raya took a break from her career to have her first son, Prince Dezo. She spent the following two years developing her platform and rebranding for her career moves. She began blogging her experiences as a woman coming up in the world, both personally and professionally.

In 2014, Raya Rouge began her career as a recreation and leisure service professional, studying at Canadore College in North Bay, Canada. She has gained the skills and knowledge to design recreation-based programs and events, as well as recreation-based health and fitness programs for well-being.

In 2015, Raya Rouge launched her very first book titled, “Dear Future Husband – How to Love Her When She’s Been Hurt Before”, about what women face when leaving an abusive relationship and how the healing process affects future relationships. This was inspired by her own personal experiences as well as the experiences of other women.

She also co-launched BrowneezTHC with 2Smooth, playing her part as a product designer.

In early 2016, she developed her own personal brand of organic beauty care products called, Illixr Organics, which she intends to officially launch in the near future.

She also founded Glitterati Media Group (GMG), a new media label with the mission to build a more wholesome and meaningful culture in media and music.

Raya Rouge is now the founder of BABE Fitness, a holistic fitness program designed to address the needs of time-and-space-restricted women, helping them get fit, happy and successful.