Writer & Author

With over 20+ years of cultivation in writing, both academically and professionally, Raya Rouge has written everything from poetry and song lyrics to journals, articles and even books.

She has published her own book titled “Dear Future Husband”, an informative and educational short-novel about the aftermath of abusive relationships.Most of her own written works place a particular emphasis on the subjects of self-development, self-esteem and self-help for both personal and professional success. She also writes on a variety of subjects pertaining to womanhood, sexuality, health and societal issues, with the intention to educate and inspire change.

Raya Rouge is a writing professional, with extensive knowledge and understanding in the art of communication and the psychology of writing.Her book, “Dear Future Husband – How to Love Her When She’s Been Hurt Before” is available on Amazon Kindle. 

Raya Rouge is available for a variety of writing services.

Speaker, Educator, Motivator

Raya Rouge has dedicated the past decade of her life to learning the art of self-development for success in both personal and professional walks of life. She is an educational and motivational writer and educator, who takes joy in imparting the knowledges that help others to improve their own lives.

Her depth of knowledge on these subjects are founded in own personal experiences of struggling with self-esteem, abusive relationships and forging her own professional success. Raya is an extremely relatable and personable speaker, who her audiences can easily identify with. Her modern methods and classic values make her an ideal voice for this generation of adults and professionals, both young and old. 

Raya does talks on a variety of subjects including personal and professional development, self-esteem, womanhood, family & relationships, leadership and success. She is available for public, private, corporate and commercial speaking engagements.
Raya is also available for self-esteem and motivation counselling, for individuals and group sessions.

Artist & Talent

Among her many talents and skills, Raya Rouge is a singer, song writer and entertainer. Song-writing from the age of 6, she has written over 100 songs and performed as both an actress and singer numerous times throughout her lifetime. She has always had a knack for being on stage and on camera and is adept at keeping her audiences entertained. She has also modelled in music videos and written and arranged music for other artists.

She is available for creative gigs, such as song creation, song-writing, arrangement and editing, voice-acting, voice-overs, vocal coaching, acting, musical performances and modelling.

Recreation Services & Business Professional

Raya Rouge’s extensive knowledges and experiences are rooted in her academic and professional foundation as an educated professional. She is formerly educated in creative writing, business and recreation & leisure services. Raya is a certified Recreation & Leisure Professional, who studied with Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario.

She is educated and trained in developing recreation-based health & leisure programs, for a variety of market groups and industries.  She also has experience and training in event planning & management for recreation industries, mainly sports, entertainment and travel.

Raya has experience in product and brand development, gained from establishing her own businesses in her early adult years. She is currently working with her latest service business, Online Student Travel, a recreation-based travel program for students who study online.

Some of the companies and products Raya has worked on are:


Raya Rouge is available for professional consultation in product design, program development and brand strategies.

Raya Rouge is also available for the following services:

Wordpress Site building & design, Photoshop editing, logo designs, copy-editing and InDesign layouts, templates and document creation.

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